The Guild of Glass Polishers

Verified & Recommended by The Guild of Glass Polishers

The Glass Polishing Company is proud to be a member of The Guild of Glass Polishers, and fully supports The Guild in its efforts to promote high standards and best practice within the scratched glass repair industry.

The Guild of Glass Polishers is an organisation born to promote and safeguard the scratched glass repair industry, those working within it as well as those employing its services. Its primary purpose is to promote the scratched glass repair industry and its professional guild members to aid industry customers in finding the information or services you require.

The Guild of Glass Polishers is not so much a member’s resource, but has been designed to provide YOU, a potential industry customer, with as much information, help, guidance and advice as possible, to ensure that you get the very best from our industry.

Most other organisations that recommend tradesmen, base their assessments on customer feedback.  The Guild of Glass Polishers do not believe that this is enough and regularly visit their members on-site to assess their skills and levels of customer service and will audit our business every year to ensure that we consistently maintain our high standards.

Every member of The Guild of Glass Polishers receives an assessment certificate for the current year.  This means that you can be assured that member standards are consistent and not just at the time of a one of assessment 5 years ago.

What’s more, The Guild of Glass Polishers has published a Standard of Visual Quality for the repair of installed flat glass that is offered free of charge, to both public and private sectors.  These standards far exceed any previous guidelines for Visual Quality, demanding a higher standard of repair for industry customers.

The Guild also offers an Independent Guarantee, which as the name may suggest, provides industry customers with an Independent Guarantee for any works carried out by its members.

For more information about The Guild of Glass Polishers please take a moment to visit their website: